Could these job openings be for Just Cause 3?

If you ever want to know what a company has planned, the easiest way is to have a look at the job positions currently up for grabs. Note: if there aren’t any, wait around and keep checking!

As for Avalanche, we know they have an unannounced title being developed in New York, so let’s just focus on that for now and job descriptions that give some details away. Bear in mind, a studio can indeed be working on a few titles simultaneously and that some of these job descriptions may have been on the site for a while.

These aren’t the full job descriptions of course, I’ve simply picked out the interesting parts.

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So that’s why Mad Max was delayed until 2015…

If you were disappointed to hear the news that Mad Max was pushed back to 2015, fear not as Warner Bros. have just released a trailer for the upcoming feature film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Check out the trailer!

Admittedly this tie-in is something I mentioned a while back but completely forgot about, and as a fan of the original films, I’m damn excited!

Still too early to talk about Just Cause 3?

With E3 2014 closing it’s doors, those eagerly awaiting a Just Cause 3 announcement were once again disappointed.

While there’s been some speculation of an imminent reveal – owing mainly to the fact that was recently purchased by Square Enix… it was brushed off as nothing more than standard procedure, with an official spokesperson stating it was merely to protect the IP.

However, what didn’t help was Avalanche Studios’ own Christofer Sundberg tweeted the following shortly after the domain was discovered: “We have very exciting stuff that we’ll be ready to show shortly. Thank you all for your patience.”

Even Christofer’s LinkedIn profile has some rather interesting clues…

Listed as one of his “upcoming projects” is an unannounced “sandbox action game” which will be published by Square Enix and due for completion in 2015:
“New installment in a very well-known game series. The game is being developed at Avalanche Studios New York studio and is scheduled for completion in 2015 for next generation console platforms.”

Ok, so lets dissect this for a moment…

  1. “A very well-known game series” – Just Cause is Avalanche’s lifeblood and flagship series.
  2. “sandbox action game”  – Pretty much sums up what genre Just Cause fits into
  3. It’s published by Square Enix – Again, the Just Cause series is the only thing currently holding their relationship together. Square Enix owns the IP, which Avalanche Studios created.
  4. “developed at Avalanche Studios New York” – Ok so this isn’t where Just Cause was originally born, but… some of Avalanche’s best guys have moved there. Furthermore and to add to the speculation, Just Cause 3 may very well have some form of Multiplayer… based on the fact that the New York office is looking to hire a multiplayer programmer. Could be? Maybe? Although, Sundberg has previously commented saying that if they were to do it, it wouldn’t be as manic as the mod and they would want to polish it.
  5. “scheduled for completion in 2015″  – Wait what? But they haven’t announced it yet! Ah, you see… remember when Just Cause 2 was announced… wasn’t it supposed to be released in 2008? Yep, that got delayed by over a year! Don’t forget, Mad Max has also been delayed until 2015. So while 2015 is only a year away, the fact it hasn’t been announced probably means that they’re being very cautious with their announcements this time around, given the scale of the game.

So, is a reveal still lurking around a corner somewhere?

A sneaky peek into the offices of Avalanche Studios

Boxing Day at Avalanche Studios – What can you see?

Avalanche Studios were enjoying a well deserved break from the office on Boxing day, but CEO Christofer Sundberg tweeted this photo of the office.

A sneaky peek into the offices of Avalanche Studios

A sneaky peek into the offices of Avalanche Studios

Aside from the fact the office is empty, there’s a few things in that photo that catch my eye. Most notably the rendered images of two unique vehicles. They are quite clearly monster trucks. Although these could be for Mad Max, they honestly look too polished to fit in with the style of Mad Max’s “recycled” vehicles.

If you look at the next aisle, there looks to be a load more 3D renders of perhaps the same thing with a number of post-it notes next to some of them, though it’s difficult to see exactly what it is though.

Christofer, please post more!

Avalanche in Costa Rica

Go behind the scenes with Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios has today posted a video of their time in Costa Rica, collecting reference shots for some of their upcoming games.

They’ve made it very clear that although Just Cause 2 was referenced a few times for illustrative purposes, it’s for many of their upcoming open world games. In other words, “we are not collecting this for the Just Cause series”… but we all know and hope this just isn’t true.

Put it this way: the tropical setting of Costa Rica is perfect for the Just Cause series. Secondly, the use of Just Cause 2 in the video is just too much of a tease. Finally, Costa Rica? Change the “a” in Rica to an “o”, and who have you got?


JC2-MP is finally ready!

Just Cause 2 is still being played by thousands of people every day, and it’s a proud achievement for Avalanche Studios.

Every now and then, a surge of players return to the best sandbox game ever create for a weekend of explosive fun thanks to the team behind the multiplayer mod, JC-MP. The only problem is, it only surfaces every once a while for a limited run.

Well guess what? The mod we’ve all been waiting for is finally being released on 16th December. No more waiting around for a test weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 13.06.04

What’s interesting to note is that it’s not listed as a mod, but as DLC instead. Mods for other games are listed as Mods, which means that this mod has been officially recognised and backed by the Just Cause developer, Avalanche Studios. Furthermore, it’s listed on Steam with Avalanche as the developer, and not the actual team behind it. I think it’s safe to assume that the teams have indeed been working closely together behind closed doors to make this the best experience for everyone, and who knows… this could see the introduction of multiplayer being a permanent feature of Just Cause 3.

For more details on the mod, head to the steam page:

Just Cause news on the way?

Just Cause 2 has seen a lot of success since it’s launch, and it still being played by many many people…no doubt thanks to it’s sheer awesomeness, but also thanks to the efforts from the team behind JC-MP.

However, there really hasn’t been much news on the Just Cause front for some time other than statistics and the JC-MP mod. But a recent Facebook post by Avalanche suggests there is some news scheduled related to Just Cause.

I’m still not convinced Mad Max fills my Year of the Avalanche expectations, so I’m hoping we hear some more from my favourite developer!