Still too early to talk about Just Cause 3?

With E3 2014 closing it’s doors, those eagerly awaiting a Just Cause 3 announcement were once again disappointed.

While there’s been some speculation of an imminent reveal – owing mainly to the fact that was recently purchased by Square Enix… it was brushed off as nothing more than standard procedure, with an official spokesperson stating it was merely to protect the IP.

However, what didn’t help was Avalanche Studios’ own Christofer Sundberg tweeted the following shortly after the domain was discovered: “We have very exciting stuff that we’ll be ready to show shortly. Thank you all for your patience.”

Even Christofer’s LinkedIn profile has some rather interesting clues…

Listed as one of his “upcoming projects” is an unannounced “sandbox action game” which will be published by Square Enix and due for completion in 2015:
“New installment in a very well-known game series. The game is being developed at Avalanche Studios New York studio and is scheduled for completion in 2015 for next generation console platforms.”

Ok, so lets dissect this for a moment…

  1. “A very well-known game series” – Just Cause is Avalanche’s lifeblood and flagship series.
  2. “sandbox action game”  - Pretty much sums up what genre Just Cause fits into
  3. It’s published by Square Enix – Again, the Just Cause series is the only thing currently holding their relationship together. Square Enix owns the IP, which Avalanche Studios created.
  4. “developed at Avalanche Studios New York” – Ok so this isn’t where Just Cause was originally born, but… some of Avalanche’s best guys have moved there. Furthermore and to add to the speculation, Just Cause 3 may very well have some form of Multiplayer… based on the fact that the New York office is looking to hire a multiplayer programmer. Could be? Maybe? Although, Sundberg has previously commented saying that if they were to do it, it wouldn’t be as manic as the mod and they would want to polish it.
  5. “scheduled for completion in 2015″  - Wait what? But they haven’t announced it yet! Ah, you see… remember when Just Cause 2 was announced… wasn’t it supposed to be released in 2008? Yep, that got delayed by over a year! Don’t forget, Mad Max has also been delayed until 2015. So while 2015 is only a year away, the fact it hasn’t been announced probably means that they’re being very cautious with their announcements this time around, given the scale of the game.

So, is a reveal still lurking around a corner somewhere?

Just Cause news on the way?

Just Cause 2 has seen a lot of success since it’s launch, and it still being played by many many people…no doubt thanks to it’s sheer awesomeness, but also thanks to the efforts from the team behind JC-MP.

However, there really hasn’t been much news on the Just Cause front for some time other than statistics and the JC-MP mod. But a recent Facebook post by Avalanche suggests there is some news scheduled related to Just Cause.

I’m still not convinced Mad Max fills my Year of the Avalanche expectations, so I’m hoping we hear some more from my favourite developer!

Mad Max – Gameplay video out tomorrow!!!


4 things stand out in this teaser:

  • There are (at least) 13 other cars all headed in our protagonists direction, although it looks like they could be having some sort of race. They’re on a clearly marked dirt road, where as Max isn’t… leading me to believe the intention is to disrupt the race in some way.
  • The shotgun is clearly visible, which could mean free-aim out of the windows.
  • There is a massive cliff face! One can only assume it plays a big part at one or more points in the game.
  • Max has a beard…


Mad Max: Gameplay video out 15th July!



This was posted by Avalanche Studios on the 12th of July, so I’m a bit behind on this news. It should now say 2 days. Sorry!

No word yet as to what time it’s dropping, but I have a feeling I might even be flying when it’s released. Typical!

Max will have an Aussie accent, but will it be authentic?

In a previous announcement, it was stated that the new Mad Max game would not feature an Aussie accent, which disappointed many die hard fans of the original Mad Max series as it wasn’t true to it’s roots. Max was played by Mel Gibson

You will surely be pleased to hear that Max will indeed have an Aussie accent.


We don’t know yet whether this would mean the Just Cause style of comical non-authentic accents, or whether we would receive the full-on Aussie experience (which we would only get if played by an actual Aussie voice actor). I’m hoping it’s true to it’s roots, and will be voiced by a born-and-bred Aussie who’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to that of Mel Gibson himself. Though knowing Avalanche, Mad Max might be following in the footsteps of Just Cause…

The question is, how does this play out with it’s movie counterpart? As a tie-in, surely they would need to be similar, no? I very much doubt Tom Hardy can pull off an Aussie accent…

Panau Island closed to tourists

The government of Panau has officially declared Panau Island closed for all foreigners and it’s former residents. Over the past month, 69,600 thousand residents of the Island have been evacuated already, with the remaining residents being shipped off the island over the coming months.

Or in other words… Many, many, many people are coming to this site via in the hopes of visiting the legendary Panau Island everyone was once talking about. If you’re one of those people… don’t panic, it’s intentional.

In short, Panau Island has come to the end of it’s shelf life, and now redirects everyone to this site. For those wondering, this site is run by the same guy, me… Movura.

If you would like to find out more about why Panau Island is now closed, check out the new FAQs page.

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