Just Cause news on the way?

Just Cause 2 has seen a lot of success since it’s launch, and it still being played by many many people…no doubt thanks to it’s sheer awesomeness, but also thanks to the efforts from the team behind JC-MP.

However, there really hasn’t been much news on the Just Cause front for some time other than statistics and the JC-MP mod. But a recent Facebook post by Avalanche suggests there is some news scheduled related to Just Cause.

I’m still not convinced Mad Max fills my Year of the Avalanche expectations, so I’m hoping we hear some more from my favourite developer!

Mad Max – Gameplay video out tomorrow!!!


4 things stand out in this teaser:

  • There are (at least) 13 other cars all headed in our protagonists direction, although it looks like they could be having some sort of race. They’re on a clearly marked dirt road, where as Max isn’t… leading me to believe the intention is to disrupt the race in some way.
  • The shotgun is clearly visible, which could mean free-aim out of the windows.
  • There is a massive cliff face! One can only assume it plays a big part at one or more points in the game.
  • Max has a beard…


Mad Max: Gameplay video out 15th July!



This was posted by Avalanche Studios on the 12th of July, so I’m a bit behind on this news. It should now say 2 days. Sorry!

No word yet as to what time it’s dropping, but I have a feeling I might even be flying when it’s released. Typical!

Max will have an Aussie accent, but will it be authentic?

In a previous announcement, it was stated that the new Mad Max game would not feature an Aussie accent, which disappointed many die hard fans of the original Mad Max series as it wasn’t true to it’s roots. Max was played by Mel Gibson

You will surely be pleased to hear that Max will indeed have an Aussie accent.


We don’t know yet whether this would mean the Just Cause style of comical non-authentic accents, or whether we would receive the full-on Aussie experience (which we would only get if played by an actual Aussie voice actor). I’m hoping it’s true to it’s roots, and will be voiced by a born-and-bred Aussie who’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to that of Mel Gibson himself. Though knowing Avalanche, Mad Max might be following in the footsteps of Just Cause…

The question is, how does this play out with it’s movie counterpart? As a tie-in, surely they would need to be similar, no? I very much doubt Tom Hardy can pull off an Aussie accent…

Panau Island closed to tourists

The government of Panau has officially declared Panau Island closed for all foreigners and it’s former residents. Over the past month, 69,600 thousand residents of the Island have been evacuated already, with the remaining residents being shipped off the island over the coming months.

Or in other words… Many, many, many people are coming to this site via panauisland.com in the hopes of visiting the legendary Panau Island everyone was once talking about. If you’re one of those people… don’t panic, it’s intentional.

In short, Panau Island has come to the end of it’s shelf life, and now redirects everyone to this site. For those wondering, this site is run by the same guy, me… Movura.

If you would like to find out more about why Panau Island is now closed, check out the new FAQs page.

Mad Max has no multiplayer? Maybe…

It’s not hard to see that in an open-world game, multiplayer is a must. Mad Max will surely be no different. Yet, according to GameSpot, Warner Bros. have already confirmed there won’t be a multiplayer experience.

“There’s no multiplayer at the time,” creative director Frank Rooke told GameSpot today. “It’s a very strong single-player experience, and of course Max is a loner and we’re really focusing on that aspect of Max.”

To me, the first part sounds very carefully worded.. “at the time”? I seem tempted to translate that to “at this stage in development, it doesn’t exist yet”, but I could be very wrong. I mean, all it needs is a multiplayer free-roam mode. “It’s a very strong single-player experience, and of course Max is a loner and we’re really focusing on that aspect of Max”, again you could potentially twist that to say “the main focus is on single-player which revolves around Max’s loneliness. For this reason, he’s not included in the multiplayer mode, but players will get to kill each other to their hearts content as some of the other characters”. Of course, this is just my own opinion on the matter, with nothing set in stone until more details emerge.

Avalanche knows just how important multiplayer proved for Just Cause 2 after modders created their own multiplayer experience. This is a mod that Avalanche Studios have countlessly praised, and it’s true that the mod keeps the Just Cause 2 community alive. Without it, who knows how many people would still be playing Just Cause 2. I know I stopped playing a long time ago, but it’s still my all time favourite game.

It would be foolish in this case not to include a multiplayer mode.

VG24/7 write up about Mad Max

If you’re lucky enough to have gone to E3, you’ll have gotten the chance to see some actual gameplay, something of which we here on the internet are yet to see.

For now, we have to rely on write-ups by gaming sites and whatever surfaces out of E3.

VG 24/7 has a nice write-up about what they saw.

To sum it up:

  • Like most open world maps, the one in the game shows the player activities, landmarks, and general things of interest
  • The expansive open-world setting is worth bragging about
  • There’s also a sniper rifle that’s stashed away in his car to be broken out for emergencies
  • Stealth is not really a factor in the game
  • [Car] handling and performance are very subjective to a player
  • The car is a weapon
  • You have a companion called Chumbucket who sits in the back of the car (your mechanic)

This however leaves me with a number of questions.

  1. If it’s an expansive open-world “wasteland”, how often will you see other cars/people? Unless it’s highly populated…
  2. If you destroy your car, what happens then? Or is that what Chumbucket is there for…
  3. Can you store upgrades to use later on? Or, do you need to scavenge again if you removed/replaced an upgrade?
  4. Safe house(s)?

For the VG24/7 article, check it out here:


E3 is pretty much over, but where the F*** is Just Cause 3?

If you’ve been watching out for those “unannounced title” spots in the hopes that one of them might be Just Cause 3, the bad news is… Just Cause 3 hasn’t filled any of those spots.

Under the hood, the new Mad Max game looks and feels like an updated version of Just Cause 2, which not only leads me to believe that this could very well be Avalanche Studios’ answer to our cries for a Just Cause 3.

This will undoubtably fill that empty void between Just Cause 2 and the heavily rumoured Just Cause 3, when it eventually gets announced.

For those that just want to see Just Cause 3, don’t forget… Avalanche Studios is currently developing 2 more games, one of which will be published by Square Enix.

Though the Mad Max game certainly makes me believe that this is indeed Avalanche Studios’ self-proclaimed #YearOfTheAvalanche, this won’t be the only announcement we will see from them this year.

Mad Max gets his own grapple hook (harpoon actually)

IGN has revealed that players will get a harpoon which is essentially Mad Max’s version of the infamous Grapple Hook in Just Cause 2.

Adding to the insanity, players also have a harpoon weapon at their disposal. It can be used to dismantle specific parts of an enemy vehicle (think tearing off a front tire), or just to yank the driver right out of his seat. Nice.

Also, for those hoping for an Authentic Mad Max aussie experience that made it famous, IGN states that the game been given a complete American overhaul, though most of the cars featuring in the game are Australian. At least some level of Mad Max authenticity remains then.

The question still remains just how closely it will tie in with the upcoming movie reboot, Fury Road.

For more details, head on over to the IGN article.


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